CIT 2013 – Abstracts

CIT2013 will be a perfect forum for exchanging valuable expertise and best practices on innovation in tourism & hospitality. As a matter of fact, over 45 abstracts have been submitted showing an interest in this issue and whose aims range from innovating in marketing issues and destination to innovating in vision and strategic positioning or development and governance. Furthermore, an important number of abstracts are concerned with new technologies and others show a growing interest in experiential or sustainable tourism.
It is worth standing out that the above contributions have come from a wide variety of geographical areas and therefore, we have received contributions from Central and South American countries such as, Mexico or Peru; from different European countries, such as Italy or Denmark or Lithuania; from the US, China and Saudi Arabia; from Kenya; among others. This will undoubtedly entail a rich and fruitful exchange of experiences among academic researchers, professionals, and both public and private organizations in the tourist sector.

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