CIT 2013 started as a strong commitment for innovation in tourism to face the crisis

More than 200 researchers and entrepreneurs from over 25 countries have gathered at the opening day of CIT2013.
Empar Martinez, president of the Organizing Committee and CEO of Florida Universitaria, the institution which have organized this conference with the support from the European Network and ULYSSES SPACE FOUNDATION, affirmed on CIT´s inaugural speech «Cit2013 has been promoted with the aim of working through innovative papers such an important aspect and necessary as innovation, conceived as the knowledge which becomes solutions to improve the tourist market».
Moreover, Max Buch, Valencia´s Minister of Economy, Industry, Tourism and Employment, stressed the importance of Valencia and Benidorm embrace this forum, due to Valencia is a touristic reference, ideal for CIT2013. Max Buch has highlighted the figures that support this, as it is estimated that over 20% of GDP comes from tourism. He added that in 2012 more than 22 million tourists visited the Valencian Community, more than 5 million were foreigners».
In the same vein, Alfonso Grau, Vice Mayor of Valencia, recalled that the city is a perfect example of how innovation has helped to make it a model of tourism, as it was in the 90s when it began to reinvent itself, to establish itself as a destination fivefold its visitor numbers, seeking more than sun and sand «.
Meanwhile, Jan-Eric Frydman, Head of Unit for Tourism and Culture of the European Commission, said that «in these times of change has shown that countries that are committed to innovation are more responsive to the crisis and have lower unemployment figures. The tourism sector has great wealth. »
Ramon Estalella, member of the Executive Committee of HOTREC (Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés in Europe), has launched a positive message about the crisis and said «this situation is teaching us we must be innovate, seek new markets and marketing channels. Change what it doesn´t work «.
Danute Rasimaviciene, President of SPACE Network, has ratified the same position and noted that innovation in the European Union improves every year despite the economic crisis.
Eduardo Fayos-Solà, President of the Ulysses Foundation, stressed that «the political and corporate action must be based on knowledge.» That´s the interest of Florida Universitaria by launching an Innovation Congress“. Generate knowledge, disseminate it to create communities which are able to apply it.»
CIT2013 is an opportunity to discuss the challenges that tourism development involves, identifying trends which become successful the development of tourism innovation and applying research approach to the needs of the tourist and business destinations. Tourism is obviously not the universal panacea, but an excellent support for creating comfort and support to other sectors of the future.

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